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8 Reasons Why At Times It Is Okay To Cut Ties With Your Old Friends

We meet so many people at every walk of our lives. As we grow up, we come across different people and move away from those whom we met earlier. Some of these existing people may stay in our life forever whereas some aren't intended to stay in our life.

You may feel bad for losing someone but you need to understand not everyone that you meet will stay in your life forever. Even if you shared a deep bond with someone, a time comes when things don't go in the right direction. It is during this time when you will know who is meant to stay with you forever and whom you have to cut ties with.

If you choose to stay in a friendship that no longer feels the same and seems to be going on a rough road, you will be hurting yourself in the long run. But, if you are still not convinced if is it okay to cut ties with friends and associates, then here are a few reasons to help you in making your mind.

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1. They Talk Behind Your Back

Real friends never talk behind each other's back. In fact, they try to correct each other's mistakes and help them in bringing positive changes. They will criticise you on your face and will always have your back. But if you are always criticised by your friends in your absence, then it is a sign that you need to cut ties with them.

Else this may hurt you in the long run and will affect your self-esteem.


2. You No More Feel The Same With Them

You miss the time when you and your old friends used to have a great time together. You no more feel the same with them. No matter how hard you try, you feel as if something has changed to a great extent. In fact, you sometimes feel worse after meeting your old friends as there is no sense of warmth, affection and commitment for each other.

If this is the case with you then you must realise that it is high time when you should cut ties with each other.


3. A Third Person Seems To Have Taken Your Place

It feels really bad when someone seems to take your place, especially in friendship. You can easily sense that your friends are enjoying the company of someone else without even thinking about you. The third person seems to be their new friend and potential enough to replace you. Also, you two seem to be happy with new friends rather than those old friends.

We are not saying that if your old friends befriend new people then you will have to end the friendship but if you and your friends are no more fond of being friends with each other then there is no point in sticking to such a bond.

In such a situation, it is a saviour to cut ties with your old friends.


4. They Are Least Concerned For Your Emotions

Friends do not show their love directly to each other. In fact, they do things to show their love and concern for each other such as motivating each other to achieve their goals. Also, they tend to care for each other's emotions and feelings but if your friends are least concerned for your emotions then it is better to walk out of such bonds.

Your friends may make fun of you in a brutal manner and may make you feel more like a loser. Also, they may cancel plans for spending time with each other. If in such a case, you break ties with your friends, then it will be no less than a wise decision.

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5. You Feel Uncomfortable While Trusting Them

There is no denying that friends trust each other and speak their heart out as they hardly hide anything from each other. You must remember that trust is the foundation on which every relationship or friendship stands strong. But if you are unable to trust your friends and no more feel like sharing things with them then it is better to cut ties with them.


6. You Often Feel Stressed And Frustrated

Friends are said to make us feel relaxed and happy even during the gloominess. They are the one who never fails to make you feel joyful and happy but if your old friends make you feel frustrated and stressed out every time then it is a sign why you should cut ties with your old friends.

After all, what matters the most in a relationship or friendship is if you are happy or not. The bond which no more makes you feel happy and relaxed is not meant to be kept safe forever. You can break it and move ahead in your life.


7. The Friendship Seems To Have Turned One-Sided

If you feel that the friendship is now one-sided and it is you who are bearing the friendship on your head then it is okay to end such a friendship. No matter how long you have been friends, you can walk out of the friendship if it's one-sided.


8. Mutual Understanding Have Flown Out Of The Window

Mutual understanding is one of the most important aspects of any relationship or friendship. If there is a lack of mutual understanding then the bond can break into pieces. Friends are often said to have a great mutual understanding and that's why there are able to understand the problems and challenges faced by each other. Not only this, but they also come up with the solution to help each other. If there is a lack of mutual understanding between you and your friends then it is better that you cut ties with your friends.

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Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds that one can have. For that reason, you get attached to someone who cares for you despite having no blood relations.

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