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7 Ways That Will Help You To Figure Out When To End Your Friendship

Do you feel your friendship has changed over time? Are you no more interested in spending time with your friends? Also, does your friend disappear when you need him or her the most? Well, then this might be a sign that you should distance yourself from your friend.

You should make a choice here not because your friend is evil or conspiring against you, but because you can invest your time is something productive rather than wallowing in self-pity and letting your broken friendships affect you.


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Why not spend most of your time working on your dreams and finding some meaningful relationships? We have listed for you some of the reasons so that you decide more efficiently whether to continue or end your friendship.

1. Your Friend Does Not Care About Your Feelings Any More

It goes beyond saying that true friends will always understand and care about your emotions or feelings. They know how to lighten up your mood when you feel low. But if your friend has been ignoring your feelings for some time now or is not caring about you anymore, then certainly you need to walk out of your friendship. Even if you talk to your friend and he/she tends to give you a cold shoulder, it is better that you end your friendship with that person.


2. Your Friend Always Chooses His/Her Relationship Over Friendship

You might be making some plans to spend the upcoming weekend with your friend and have already informed your friend regarding this. But then your friend cancels the plan at the very last moment stating that he or she will be spending time with his or her partner.

You might not get affected by this in the beginning but if this happens often, you need to rethink your friendship with this person.

3. Your Friend Often Talks Behind Your Back

Friends are the ones who are well aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Your friend will help you to overcome your weaknesses and not talk about it behind your back.

You will be reminded of your weaknesses from your friend only because he/she wants you to emerge as a better person. But if your friend has been talking bad things behind your back then it might not be a healthy friendship. A true friend will always stay by your side and will never speak ill behind your back.

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4. Your Friend Comes To You Only When There Is A Need

There goes a saying, 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. But if your friend comes to you only when he or she wants something from you and ignores you later, then you might not be in the right friendship.

5. Your Friend Doesn't Share His/Her Plans With You

At times, your friend might not include you in his or her plans and that is absolutely fine. But if this happens all the time, and he/she is discarding you from all the plans even if you are looking forward to being included in it, then why get upset over this again and again? We are sure you have friends who are more than happy to share their plans with you. Call them and have a happening weekend.

6. Your Friend Humiliates You

At times when you are feeling low and demotivated, your friend will be there to motivate you. He or she will make sure you never fail to utilise your calibre in the best possible way. But if you are experiencing the opposite then it is high time that you should walk out of such friendship. Also, if your friend tries to humiliate you in front of others often, there is no point in staying with them.

7. Your Friend Leaves You Alone During Tough Times

It is being said a true friend is the one who supports you during tough times but if your friend lets you suffer alone during your hard times, leaves you alone, then there is a chance you are with the wrong person. Instead of being with such a person, it is better to walk out of such friendship.

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Ending a friendship might not be an easy thing to do as you might be attached to your friend. But if you are not happy and if you feel that the friendship is not fruitful for you emotionally, then it is better to focus on your priorities and invest your time in something that will make you the best version of yourself.

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