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Have You Been Sexting? 6 Ways That It Can Affect Your Life

No, no, this is not what you think! This article is not about sexting and also it doesn't have any hot text messages that will melt your phone. But, just in case, for people who don't know or have a very vague idea of what 'sexting' is, it means to send (someone) sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.
While sexting is a hush-hush topic for many of us and some couples do not prefer sexting in relationships, nowadays, a lot of people have also come up with different methods or techniques to spice up their relationships and keep it lively for a long time and 'sexting' to their partner is one of them.

The messages, pictures or videos may contain materials having nudity/ semi-nudity or sexual acts. The reason behind sexting is quite obvious and to simply spice up their sexual life.

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But everything comes with a price and so does sexting. You might not realise but sexting can affect your life in a manner that can even lead to misunderstandings and breakups. Even though you and your partner are emotionally close, there can be instances where sexting can backfire you. How? Let's find out:

1. It Can Be Humiliating For You

No one can read what is going on in a person's mind and therefore, there is no guarantee when your partner will turn against you. The one who seems trustworthy and reliable might be a devil in disguise.
So when you are sharing your nude/semi-nude pictures or videos with someone, you might be inviting huge trouble for yourself. As there is no guarantee the person will not violate your privacy.

The moment your relationship ends and the person is angry with you, he or she might circulate your images and videos as an act of revenge. This can be extremely humiliating for you.

2. It Can Cost You Your Friendship

These days, a mere message or news spreads like a wildfire over the internet. As soon as your sensitive images and videos go online, your friends might have access to it. There is a high chance that they would judge you and your character. As a result, they might cut all sorts of connection with you. Also, their parents might ask them to stay away from you. This can result in loneliness.

3. It Can Lead To Bullying

The moment your nude or semi-nude pictures and videos goes over the internet, you might face bullying, especially cyber-bullying, where people will harass you through the internet. They might send you vulgar messages and make some sexual demands.

Not only this, your colleagues, friends and other people around you can also objectify and sexually assault you. As they might perceive you to be a person, who has loose morals.

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4. It Can Make You Feel Guilty

After your private pictures and videos are circulated all over the internet, can bullying be far behind? Imagine, a person is already hurt and the whole world is mocking at him or her. This might lead to huge embarrassment followed by guilt. You might lose your self-esteem and confidence. At times, people are not brave enough to face the consequences and they might do something that is fatal.

Further, you can also be a victim of depression and likely to develop trust issues in your future relationships.

5. It Can Also Have Legal Consequences

Sexting also has some legal consequences which are quite haunting. Even though you might not be aware of it, you or your partner, whoever is at fault, can be charged for spreading nudity and pornography.

The person who receives and forwards those private images and videos can be charged for receiving and distributing pornography. Doesn't matter if you have circulated the pictures on the internet or not, you might face legal actions.

6. It Can Affect Your Future Relationships

Sexting can also affect your future relationships. If you think things will become normal in a few days, you might be wrong. The consequences are life-long and can have a negative impact on you.

Even if you move on and build new relationships in the future, people related to you can still come across your private pictures and videos long after they were circulated over the internet. It is almost like not having the right to privacy anymore as it will stay there forever. You might go through the same humiliation and bullying once again.

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Sharing intimacy with your level is not at all a bad thing but you must be careful about what you are doing and what can be the consequences. Instead of indulging in sexting, you can find other means of enjoying intimate moments with your partner. Why not text instead and write beautiful lines about your partner and show them how much you value them? Nothing can be more intimate than this.