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What Is A ‘Situationship’? 10 Signs That You’re In It Too!

Have you been developing feelings secretly for your friend? Are both of you moving ahead of friendship but not sure if you are actually in a relationship? Well, there is a high chance that you are in a 'situationship'.


Situationship is defined as a stage where two people are more than friends but are not couples. Both of you have feelings for each other and you might be intimate as well but you do not feel like being in a relationship. In this era of 'caspering', 'ghosting', 'zombie-ing', 'situationship' is hardly strange.

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Sometimes, people might not realise that they are actually in a 'situationship', and feel anxious about their relationship status. To help you deal with this situation, we have listed down ten even signs that will tell you if you are in a 'situationship':

1. Your Bonding Has No Definition

You and your partner are in a phase where you are committed to each other, but do not want to take social and mental pressure and the responsibilities of being together. You hang out together, spend the night together, walk holding hands and might have an intimacy. When you introduce him/her to your family or friends, you call them as your 'friend' but you are physically intimate with each other.


2. You No More See Other People

Ever since you have been on the journey where you are 'more than friends', either you or your partner stop seeing other people. You no more swipe right on dating apps and do not feel like going on dates with someone else. It is seen that people who are in a 'friends with benefits' relationship, they prefer going out with someone else, but this doesn't happen if you are in a situationship. Either of the partners is always doubtful whether they are into a relationship or not.

3. You Have An Amazing Sexual Chemistry

Both of you might have amazing sexual chemistry and therefore it goes without saying that you love making out or having sex with each other. This sexual intimacy makes you unable to walk away from each other. Even though you might not look at each other quite often throughout the day, but you prefer spending nights together to have sex. Here, having sex is not out of love but to counter loneliness. Therefore, most of the time, you or your partner fails to satisfy each other's emotional needs.

4. You Do Not Spend Time Together

You do not make promises or plan something to spend some quality time together. Also, there is no routine of receiving calls and messages. You might not hold hands in public. You might reply in a vague manner such as 'Can't meet, I am heading to the gym,', 'There is so much work at office'. Moreover, both of you don't feel the necessity to tell each other regarding the whereabouts.

5. You Have Feelings, But You Aren't In Love

Both of you have feelings for each other. You may adore each other, take care of little things such as buying an ice-cream or giving a ride to the office. But, you are sure that you are not in love with each other. You fancy the idea of spending nights or going on a lunch date, but you do not love your partner and vice versa.

6. You Prefer Communicating Through Texts

You avoid calling each other and prefer texting to communicate with each other. Also, your conversation is mostly related to 'sex' or physical intimacy.

7. You Feel As If You Are 'Single'

Your gut feeling doesn't tell you that you are in a relationship. Therefore, whenever people ask you about your relationship status, without any hesitation you tell them you are 'single'. Also, both of you hardly accompany each other at special events.

8. You Don't Tell Your Friends About Your Partner

You haven't told your friends about each other. As you feel letting your other friends know about him/her, will make things look serious between you and your partner. Also, since you are not sure if both of you will actually get in a relationship or is a good match for each other, you do not feel like introducing him/her to your friends.

9. Your Future Plans Do Not Include Him/Her

You may have future plans like going on a long vacation or buying a house, but you might not include him/her in your future plans. You do not feel the need to talk about your future together. Both of you might not discuss the important upcoming events and won't prefer making long term plans with each other.

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10. You Are Clueless About 'Where Your Relationship Is Going'

At times, you might feel anxious and confused about what is the future of your 'situationship'. You might be stressed and ambiguous as you are unaware of your worth in his/her life. You might be completely unaware of what is going to be next.

The above points will help you to decide if you are really into a 'situationship'. Once you are aware of being into a situationship, you will be able to decide if you really want to be in 'situationship' or not.

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