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Why Is It So Painful When We Lose Friends?

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Everytime a relationship ends, it kills us a little. Be it your love life or a friend, at the end it hurts. But do you realise that it hurts even more when you lose a friend than losing a partner.?

Studies have proved that losing a friend is more depressing than losing a partner as there is a special bond that we share with our friends.

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Here, we are about to share the same as to what happens when a person loses her/his friend when compared to her/his partner.

Losing a friend is more hurtful and depressing as they are the people whom we trust more than our partners at times.

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Well, nothing can beat the feeling of losing a friend in real.


You Were Just Being You With No Filter!

Friends are the people who know our truest, most intimate selves as we do not have any kind of filter with them. But once a friend betrays us, the vulnerability comes to the surface and can be overwhelming. These are the feelings that we are not comfortable sharing with our partners.


They Have Been Our Constant Support

Friends are the ones who are always there when things happen. Be it the first breakup or the first kiss, we share it all with them. They are the ones whom we rely on and share any kind of information with. But now that the relationship has ended, it makes us go blank and feel lost!


It's Much Harder To Explain

This is the worst feeling that can happen when we lose our best friends. Explaining the fallout to people around is not an easy thing. It is terrifying and confusing.


There Is Nothing That Can Fill In For This Loss

When a relationship ends, its the friends who take care of us. They stand by us through thick and thin. But when we lose a friend, there are many ways our partners try to convince us. But nothing can fill in this void as it is only us who can relate to the pain.


Trusting Again Seems More Daunting

Finding a new friend is not that easy. It can be very difficult to meet a new potential BFF. As we grow up, we realise that friendships exist on the basis of our needs and the BFF we have had for years does not fall in this category. Hence, getting practical in life becomes a priority, even when it hurts.


There's No One To Help You Get Through It

The person you would call when your heart is broken, is the one who has gone now. They are the ones who could make you laugh no matter how broken you felt inside. These little things prick us and make matters worse. Hence nothing can make us feel better when we lose a friend.

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