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Avoid Doing These Things On Social Sites After Breakup!

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Going through a breakup is not easy and when it comes to revealing it on your social sites, it can get quite dicey, as you would get mixed reactions from people who do not even know the actual scene or reason!

There are certain things that you need to avoid doing on a social site when you are going through a breakup.

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These are the things that we generally do by revealing to the world and not being mentally prepared, we vent out our emotions on a social site, which might backfire us in a drastic way.

Hence, check out on the things that you need to completely avoid doing on social sites, especially after a breakup.


Constantly Updating Your Snapchat Story

By doing this, it is like you're putting up a brave face just for the sake of appearing like you're not hurt at all. It is okay to accept the fact that you are hurt. But over-expressing your feelings and crying with nonstop latest stories in your feed would simply annoy anybody!


Avoid Cherishing Your Hurt Feelings

Resentment after breakup is never productive. Remember that certain relationships come with an expiry date and you cannot do anything about it. Reminding yourself about the hurt feelings will only hurt you even more and not let you move on. Hence, avoid checking on old memories and tags that you both had shared back in your good times.


Don’t Get Too Dramatic

Everything that you do does not have to be shared on the social media sites. Avoid being over-dramatic under any circumstance, as nobody pays heed after a point of time and you would only end up being known as an attention seeker!

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Avoid Posting About Fun Outings

Even if you are going on an outing to just get rid of the emotional baggage, avoid posting about it on the social site, as this can only make others form an opinion about you. Do not be shocked if people comment anything negative on such a post!


Avoid Temptation Of Checking Your Ex's Profile

Do not indulge in checking on your ex's profile every other minute. Checking on the likes or the posts that they share will only increase your insecurities, while they would have moved on! Hence, it is time you stop doing so!


Most Importantly, Be Yourself Online!

Be you and be who you are, and live in your actual moment. Avoid posting things that could only hurt your ex or try to make him/her jealous! In all this process, you would get hurt instead! So, make sure you are being just you on social sites!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 14:45 [IST]
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