Why You Shouldn't Miss Dandiya Dance?

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During Navratri, each day is celebrated in a different way with specific rituals, fasts and ceremonies. The best part is dancing! Yes, the Garba Raas dance is the best!

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Just visualise yourself in a place where scores of people beautifully dressed dancing together clicking Dandiya sticks while music is played in the background.

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These dances are are performed as a part of the tradition and to honour the goddess Durga. Now, let us discuss the reasons why everyone must enjoy such an event.


Reason #1

Firstly, It is a beautiful experience. If you are already in a relationship, it gives you a chance to dance along with your partner and relish the moment.


Reason #2

If you are single, attending such an event helps you find someone interesting to start a conversation. Sitting at home will take you nowhere when you are single. You need to socialise.


Reason #3

Such an event lifts your moods. When you spend time amidst crowds of people happily dancing and worshiping, you can feel the positive vibrations transforming your mood.


Reason #4

It gives you a chance to taste the flavour of Gujarati food. Also, knowing about different cultures and interacting with new people could offer a refreshing experience to your mind.


Reason #5

Such events will de-stress you. Even if you are not interested in dancing or making new friends, just attending an event like Dandiya during Navratri will remove your stress.


Reason #6

Above all, simply sitting there and watching the rhythmic movements of colorfully dressed people will lift your spirits and make you forget about your worries.

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