Why Humans Show Affection By Kissing

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There are so many reasons why humans kiss in order to display affection. In fact, some studies claim that even animals do kiss in their own way in order to show affection.

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In animals, kissing could be an act to touch and assess a potential mate. It is also used as a feeding method in birds.

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In humans, the act of kissing triggers hormonal action. But have you wondered what could be the reason behind kissing? Let us go through some speculations and facts on this topic.


Fact #1

There are many types of kisses. Pecking and other formal kisses are part of some cultures but when it comes to romance, kissing does a lot more than displaying affection for the other.


Fact #2

Some studies claim that kissing promotes bonding on a personal level and social bonding on a social level.


Fact #3

In couples, a kiss transfers information. When you are in search of a mate through a date, a kiss helps in sending and receiving chemical signals that help you take a decision about the relationship.


Fact #4

Also, kissing helps two people come closer and assess several other aspects of a person.


Fact #5

Some studies claim that women subconsciously assess the immunity and physical compatibility of the male partner while kissing for the first time.


Fact #6

Though men can manage to make love without a kiss, 98% of the women can never imagine a lovemaking session without kissing.


Fact #7

Many studies have observed cortisol levels dropping when couples kissed each other. This means a kiss can reduce stress and relax the body,. This way, there are more than one reason why human chose kissing as a good way to express affection.

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