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Why Does She Climax Only On Top?

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Some men may never understand the reason why their hard work in the bedroom often goes waste. Well, the reason could be failing to understand her needs well.

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Yes, without properly understanding your partner and her needs, becoming a hero in her eyes is very difficult. She may never feel good unless you allow her to feel good by doing things in her own way.

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If she says she feels good on the top, that is true. Are you wondering why? Read on to know about the reasons.


Fact #1

The reason why some women feel more satisfied and reach climax faster when they are on the top is because that position offers clitoral stimulation in a better way.


Fact #2

Many studies claim that allowing the woman to be on the top increases the probability of her orgasm by 35%. So, if your woman complains that she never experienced an orgasm, let her be on the top to increase the probability.


Fact #3

All of us are different. And we have different preferences. So, respect your partner's preferences when she says that she feels good only on the top and is unable to feel aroused in any other way.


Fact #4

The primary objective of romance is to feel good and make the other person feel good because feeling good together with a life partner strengthens the bond. So, don't judge her preferences.


Fact #5

If you or your partner fails to reach orgasm, there is no need to feel guilty as many factors play a role in the bedroom and some of them are out of your control. Love is more important than what you do or don't do between the sheets.


Fact #6

If she fails to reach the point of ecstasy then direct clitoral stimulation may be required. Find innovative methods to do that.

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