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Do You Know Why Men Scratch Their Crotch


Some men privately scratch their crotch while some men do it unconsciously in the public. That is when people around them would feel irritated and may even curse their upbringing.

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In fact, it isn't good manners. But some men learn good manners late after they cross 23 years. Putting all that aside, have you ever wondered why on earth do men touch themselves down there, whether it is publicly or privately?

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Well, here are some simple reasons why they unconsciously slip their hands into their pockets....


Itching Sensation

Men who suffer jock itch tend to scratch the area more than others. Well, it surely looks disgusting and therefore, treatment is needed. If you scratch yourself when you are out on a date, you may turn your partner off.


To Hide The Bulge

Some men try to hide the bulge on their pants when they are in public. So, they try to adjust the pants a bit and that might look like they're scratching down there.


To Turn Themselves On

Some men touch themselves when there is nobody around. They do that to feel good for some time thinking about a woman.


Cold Weather

In extreme cold weather conditions, men tend to warm up their pants by touching the cold areas with warm hands.


To Protect 'That'

Some men protect their privates by putting their hands on it while sleeping. They do it to prevent the privates from crushing while they roll on bed during sleep.


To Get Rid Of Stress

What most of us don't know is the fact that touching the manhood could release oxytocin. So, some men try to calm themselves down after a stressful day by moving hands around the crotch.


Time Pass

Some men do such things when they are lazily lying down on the couch watching TV. They do it just for time pass.

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