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Why Ageing Women Need Female Friends

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All of us need friends. But women who cross their 30's need more. Yes, a survey claims that we all hang out with friends more during 20's, but we need their company more after 30's.

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This is true especially for women. In today's world, women are playing more roles and taking a lot of stress and they need better coping mechanisms to do well in their lives.

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Friends surely offer the support. But do you know why women need more female friends after 30's? Read on to know...


Fact #1

If you have complaints against in-laws or your husband, your friends are the non-judgmental people who stand by your side. They won't judge you or label you.


Fact #2

In many surveys, women have openly declared that they share 99% of their secrets with their female friends and not their husbands or boyfriends!


Fact #3

Also, the minds of men aren't designed to understand certain sensitive aspects of women and therefore, they may fail to offer empathy to some problems of women.


Fact #4

Many studies claim that women who have a strong bond with other women in their mid-life can cope up with their life's problems better.


Fact #5

Your friends can help you cope up with certain personal life issues like domestic quarrels, personal tragedies and loss.


Fact #6

They can almost sense your vibes and read your emotions. They can be good listeners who can show some compassion.


Fact #7

They give you a break from your daily life ups and lows and help you get back to your family with a fresh mind.

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