When Lust Dominates Relationships....

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Lust isn't a sin. It is a part of all beautiful relationships. But what if lust dominates and blinds your visions? Then you might take wrong decisions, or end up with incompatible people or just get stuck up with someone who can never give you a stable life.

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Well, to begin with, lust is not the issue but getting carried away by it is the issue. As human beings, we may not be able to overcome sensual desires. Of course, there is no need to sacrifice desire.

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But all you need to do is to ensure that you don't let desires or lust govern your relationships or relationship decisions. When lust confuses you, your relationships may go for a toss and you may end up taking a wrong decision in a relationship.


There'll Be Passion But No Stability

One good test for any relationships is stability. So, just because your bedroom episodes are scorching, there isn't any guarantee for stability. Check whether both of you get along even during ugly phases.


Focus Is Only On The Surface

Sometimes, you may get carried away by your partner's look/beauty. For many months or even years, you may just be mesmerised with only external looks. This is an example where lust defines your relationship. Well, when the desire fades, there would be no guarantee for such a relationship.


Your Combination Brings Out Only Desire

Whenever both of you are together, you tend to tirelessly make out in the bed room and that's it. You seldom feel like discussing about other important things or areas of life which need a lot of attention. This is one good sign that only lust governs your relationship.


Arguments Occur The Moment You Touch Anything Else Other Than Sex

If both of you are not on the same page, in any other aspect except having fun, then there wouldn't be growth in the relationship.


You Still Share Your Secrets Only With Friends

When you are in a passionate relationship and are still afraid of showing your secret side to your partner then you must wonder whether it is a lusty relationship.


Lack Of Intimacy

The moment you get into the bedroom if all you could think of is sex and nothing else then it could be lust. Generally, partners have a lot more to do in the bedroom than just experimenting various angles all the time.


You'll Feel Suffocated

When lust governs your head you may feel confused and scared most of the time. Suppose your partner takes time to answer calls or texts, you may start suspecting him or her. You might imagine your partner making out with someone. Such thoughts come out of insecurity and lusty relationships never offer security.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 5:01 [IST]
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