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Why You Shouldn't Date Two At A Time

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Yes, double dating could have dangerous consequences. What's double dating? The habit of dating two people instead of sticking to only one at a time is known as double dating.

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Okay, some people may argue that it isn't an unethical practice as you can always keep both of the people you date informed about your choices.

Some people say it is the best way to test two people and choose one out of them. There are a lot of others who say this is a very bad practice which isn't a good example for the society.

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And there are a few other people who never keep their dates informed about their double dating practices and that might break a heart or two later on. Now, let us discuss the dangers of double dating.


You Might Lose Trust

Yes, somehow your partner or partners may feel bad when they realise that you are parallelly dating some one else. They may stop trusting you.


Nobody May Come Forward To Date You

if your current date or dates don't say yes by any chance, you may take it easily. But what if nobody else comes forward to date you in the future? Well, this is one headache with double dating; people may perceive you as a heartless one.


You Might Look Like A Cheat

some women may perceive double dating men as cheats. Well, they may feel insulted when they are approached by men who double date!


You Might Look Like An Opportunist

Men perceive double dating women as opportunists. They perceive such women as materialistic ones who crave only for money and power.


They Suspect Your Mental Health

Yes, there are many people who perceive double dating as a personality disorder. This is one issue faced by daters.


Your Enemies May Spread Gossip

As the concept of double dating is still not accepted as ethical in many parts of the world, your enemies may get a chance to defame you by spreading gossips of your 'character'.


Others May Look Down Upon You

People in your workplace may start looking down upon you as if you are someone without any set of standards and ethics in place.


Your Dates May Not Take You Serious

This is the biggest of the dangers of double dating. What happens if both of your dates don't take you seriously and choose someone else instead of you?

Yes, you might come across as someone who is just dating for time pass and this might make your dates choose someone else as a life partner and move on.

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