Reasons Why Your Wife Isn’t Happy

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A wife is the most important part of a married man's life. In fact, living life without a partner is very depressive. But still, many married men take their wives for granted.

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That is how marriages start suffering. If your wife isn't happy, your whole life may go haywire and other areas of your life may suffer. A man's career depends upon domestic harmony. If a man fails to have peace, love and harmony in personal life, his career may suffer.

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So, if you realise that your wife isn't happy for any reason, delve into the reasons. Here are a few which might help.


You Are Not Giving Enough Attention

During the first phase, any husband would give his best to his married life but gradually as monotony sets in giving attention to wife may seem boring. But if you don't do anything to spice up your marriage, your wife may not be happy with you.


You Are Not Earning Well

Sometimes, financial problems could set fires to relationships. And yes, marriage needs money. If your finances are the reason for the difference between you, try to figure out a way before things go haywire.


You Are Getting Close To Your Female Colleagues

If this is the problem then it is better to tell your wife that you have no feelings for your female colleagues.


You Are Not Spending Enough Time

All of us are busy but if you have the will, you will find out a way to give more time to your wife. Do something before she walks out.


You Are Neglecting Home

This is the worst thing to do. If you neglect your home, you will be neglected by your family for the rest of your life.


You Are Coming Home Late

If there are work reasons, convince your wife about it. But if friends or parties are making you go home late then realise that your marriage may fall in trouble if you don't stop.


Your Relationship Lost Its Beauty

Even if you are giving your best, if your wife is still complaining then you may not need to feel guilty. If one of you is abusive then the relationship may surely lose its beauty. Talk to a counselor and get it sorted out.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2016, 19:21 [IST]
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