What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low?

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Desire levels vary from one individual to another. And if your partner's libido is low, don't be surprised. It is common. Don't let the problem lead to conflicts and separation.

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Remember that desire is like appetite. Your appetite may undergo ups and downs in certain phases of life. Also, there is no rule that everyone should have equal appetite.

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So, focus on the objectives of your relationship rather than worrying about the low libido of your partner. Here are some more tips....

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low1

During the initial stages, it is quite natural for both the partners to show more interest in lovemaking. But after some time, one partner may have more cravings compared to the other. If that is the case, both the partners may need to find a middle path of moderation instead of troubling each other.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low

If your partner has lower libido, don't make an issue out of it as that will further kill the desire of your partner. Ensure that you maintain physical intimacy as that is more important than having frequent intercourse.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low2

All of us are different and the same applies to the desire levels too. So, if your partner displays lower libido, be more understanding as a marriage thrives on tolerating differences.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low3

Many relationship experts recommend finding pleasure in masturbating instead of troubling the spouse or insulting the partner if one partner has lower libido.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low4

Remember that the role of intercourse is reproduction as far as nature is concerned. But human beings have turned it into a pleasure and this is why we give much importance to libido.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low5

Find ways to stimulate your partner instead of making him or her conscious of the lower libido levels.

What If Your Partner’s Libido Is Low7

If you show tolerance, your partner may easily find a way out to satisfy you in spite of lower libido. But if you use hurting words, your relationship may go for a toss.

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