Revealed: What Strengthens Physical Connections

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The rate of breakups and divorces is ever increasing in this age. In today's world, connecting with people has become so easy as we have the technology to our advantage.

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Then why is the average couple breaking up sooner than ever? Well, any relationship thrives on deep and intimate connections between two hearts.

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Unless two people feel connected, nothing can keep them together even if there are thrilling lovemaking experiences between them. Now, let us check out some facts that explain what strengthens relationships.

What Strengthens Physical Connections

What Strengthens Physical Connections1

In a recent study, researchers have found one thing missing in most of broken relationships. It is loving touch between the couples.

What Strengthens Physical Connections2

Studies suggest that more than 85% of the human beings want to be touched by a loved one often to feel good and secure.

What Strengthens Physical Connections3

Many couples think that lovemaking is enough to strengthen physical bond but researchers say that it isn't enough.

What Strengthens Physical Connections5

Hugs, pats, cuddles and even patting each other can strengthen a physical bond more than lovemaking.

What Strengthens Physical Connections6

In fact, in a study, many women said that they hate it when a partner touches them only for fulfilling desires in the bed. Only when there is affectionate touch during other times, a partner's genuine love can be understood.

What Strengthens Physical Connections7

The same study claims that couples who have strong psychical intimacy through touching and cuddling can be able to solve their conflicts faster.

What Strengthens Physical Connections8

Today, many relationship experts say that affectionate touch is more powerful than emotional connect or intellectual contact.

What Strengthens Physical Connections9

Also, there is enough evidence to support the fact that people who regularly hug can minimise the risk of blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. Loving touch can relax a person and strengthen a bond. Lack of it could make a partner feel ignored and depressed.

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Story first published: Monday, November 7, 2016, 12:49 [IST]
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