Why Nights Are Better For Lovemaking

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Though human beings can have fun anytime, many studies indicate that more than 60% of the couples prefer to make love during the night.

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Well, it doesn't mean that day time is bad for intimacy but most of the best experiences happen during the night; or at least that is what a majority of the couples believe in.

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And of course, when we take a closer look, there are some advantages if you choose night time for romance. Let us discuss about them.

Why Nights Are Better For Love

Why Nights Are Better For Romance

You and your partner should be in the right mood, right? The human body naturally slows down during the evening time and gets into relaxation mode which is perfect for spending time with a loved one. When you are calm, you can connect well with your partner.

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Darkness can minimise inhibitions between partners. You won't feel conscious about your skin or your body when the room is dark and this will enhance your confidence levels.

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Many couples claim that their sensitivity to partner's touch gets heightened when they make love during the night. When the surroundings are dark or dimly lit, your senses naturally work well to enhance your romantic experience.

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There is an evolutionary reason why human beings prefer lovemaking in the night. When a woman lies down and sleeps after the session, the chances of getting pregnant will increase.

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Also, you will be able to fall asleep easily after making love. The quality of sleep will also be better. This is a good thing about night time romance.

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Some studies also claim that the best time to make love is early morning 5 am. During that time, men tend to have higher levels of testosterone compared to other times of the day.

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