Does Wearing Socks Boost Female Libido?

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If you have tried your level best but still your woman never experiences an orgasm, then ask her to wear socks! Yes, it could help, according to a new study!

Why Make Love With Socks On

Many things have to fall in place in order to make a woman feel the bliss. As a man, you might think that working hard in bed is enough to make a woman experience the pleasure. But that isn't enough. She needs to feel relaxed and calm before anything else happens.

And you will be surprised to know how wearing socks for a love making session could help your woman reach an orgasm. Read on to know...

How Socks Boost Female Libido

How Socks Boost Female Libido1

Fact #1
A study conducted in Netherlands claims that more than 81% of women can increase their chances of experiencing an orgasm when they wear socks.

How Socks Boost Female Libido2

Fact #2

A Dutch study claims that cold temperature in the bedroom or cold feet can diminish the chances of experiencing an orgasm in women.

How Socks Boost Female Libido3

Fact #3

Wearing socks can keep your feet warm and this will help you relax. When you're relaxed, you tend to feel comfortable.

How Socks Boost Female Libido4

Fact #4

In order to enjoy romance, one needs to feel safe, comfortable and happy. Anxiety and fear should vanish. Wearing a socks can help in feeling comfy.

How Socks Boost Female Libido5

Fact #5

When you are physically relaxed and comfy, certain areas of your brain shut down to help you calm down. This will help you feel intimate with your partner.

How Socks Boost Female Libido6

Fact #6

If you are too conscious about your feet, nails, cracked heels or the missed pedicure session, wearing a socks will totally mask your insecurity and help you enjoy the lovemaking session.

How Socks Boost Female Libido7

Fact #7

Generally, after making love, you tend to feel a bit cold as your body heat comes down. But wearing a socks can keep you warm. Also, those who suffer from cold feet can get rid of the distraction by wearing socks in bed.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 3, 2016, 12:20 [IST]
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