Unromantic Truths About Relationships

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Most of us perceive relationships as a beautiful journey. Some of us perceive them as enigmatic. Some view them as costly mistakes we do in life. Some see them as a trap!

At the end of the day, we all have different views and they may or may not change with age. But relationship experts who have studied and surveyed many relationships have some opinions.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships

They found out some interesting facts which might not be so romantic but they are closer to the truth. Here are those facts:

Unromantic Truths About Relationships1

When you are in love, you feel that you have finally found the person of your dreams. But relationship experts claim that even if you have found your soul mate, relationships are still a gamble. They involve uncertainty. You simply can't take them for granted.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships2

Most of us underestimate the power of small sweet things that can be done to make the partner happy. (For, example offering your coat when your partner feels cold). But experts say that only those small things can save the relationship in the long run because such sweet memories strongly influence the subconscious mind.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships3

It isn't possible to love every single quality of your partner. You may love some and hate some. But loving a majority of qualities and being able to tolerate the rest may decide how long you stay together.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships4

It is natural to get attracted to physical beauty. But unless you are also attracted to your partner's values, personality and ideas, you may not live together for long.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships5

Any relationship will be exciting in the beginning. But with time, the excitement comes down. This happens even in the most beautiful love relationships. Then how come some couples stay together for a lifetime? Well, the excitement may come down but contentment and peace will increase with time. Both contentment and peace aren't experienced in short term affairs or flings.

Unromantic Truths About Relationships6

Though most of us seek complete fulfillment in relationships, it isn't possible to feel complete and secure all the time in any relationship. One has to find true fulfillment in one's own heart. Then what are relationships for?

Well, you can expect only companionship and joy from relationships. You are already complete as a human being; You don't need anyone to complete you. But you need someone to share your joys and celebrate life.

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