Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends

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Insecurity can trouble anyone. Whether it is men or women, it is quite natural to feel insecure at some point in life. But gradually, one can grow up and become a better person.

As we are talking about insecure boyfriends, let us take an example. Suppose you went to a movie last night and informed your boyfriend in the morning, what kind of thoughts hit his mind first? Have you ever imagined?

Well, here are some such silly thoughts of insecure boyfriends.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends1

Firstly, he wonders with whom you went to a movie. Is it with a group of friends or colleagues? Then he wonders how many men are there in the group. Are they handsome? This is the first thought that hits his head.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends2

He wonders what must have happened in the movie theater. He wonders whether your male friends were sitting close to you.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends3

He wonders how close you you were sitting with your male friends. He is bothered about the touch!He wonders what kind of conversations could have happened. He wonders whether you people talk about romantic matters.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends4

He even thinks you are double dating. When such thoughts increase, he also wonders whether you are dating another guy simultaneously along with him.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends5

He loses sleep. He checks out profiles of men in your Facebook friends circle. He convinces himself thinking that no man in your circle is as handsome as him. He tries to compare himself with others.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends6

If possible, he will also try to read conversations in your Facebook account to analyse what kind of bond you share with other males. He blames himself for a while and then goes to sleep.

Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends7

Well, most of the men are insecure at a particular age but gradually they mature into men who know what they are. Insecurity comes from fear and lack of self esteem.

Sometimes, insecurity could also come when a partner gives lots of doubts with suspicious activity. But when the partner is normal, insecurity is often an internal problem which can be resolved by developing confidence levels and love.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 10:52 [IST]
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