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Healthy Ways To Make Toddler Gain Weight

There is a chart that the parents need to follow when it comes to the weight and the height of the child. Every child needs to have a steady increase in their weight till they reach adulthood. This needs to be closely monitored. If the child is not gaining enough weight, there could be medical issues related to it.

Infants and babies usually do not have a problem eating -- they cry for food, they eat and then sleep and the cycle continues. The problem arises when they are toddlers, when they are running around, when they know what they want, and when they can say ‘no’. This is the stage where they need that extra food which they will refuse to take. The basic concept here is that they burn out a lot of energy. So, they need to eat more than what they burn out to put on weight.

Of course, eating unhealthy food can help you with this, which then messes up with their immune system. Parents need to monitor that they get the right kind of foods for their kids. Weight gain in children needs to be solved in healthy ways. The following are a few ways you could try to make toddler gain weight. There is no harm in trying them, you will also need to give your child some time to get used to the new routine.

High Calorie Beverages
Fortified beverages and other standard beverages are something that you can give to make toddler gain weight. These are not complete meals, but instead they should be served as drinks between meals. All these beverages will boost up the energy and speed up weight gain. You can consult your pediatrician for suggestions.

Energy – Dense Food
There is a weight gain in children when you serve them with energy dense food. So, you need to pick up food that is high in calories or high in nutrients or both. This will help in providing their body with the nutrients that will help them store the fat. Avoid foods that are rich in sugar, saturated fats and sodium.

Dips and spreads
Additional calories that are present in kid friendly dips and spreads can be used to make toddler gain weight. This can be served along with any finger foods that are given to the child. These toppings are generally very high in calories and will provide them with high amount of energy. You could also provide them with fruits and vegetables.

Frequent Snacking
Weight gain in children can be increased when they are frequently snacking. When they are given food in between their meals, they are provided with an opportunity to eat between their regular meals and that gives them more energy. Another important thing that parents need to keep in mind is not to allow their kids to skip meals.

Medical Help
After you have tried everything and if still you are not able to make toddler gain weight, you need make sure that you seek medical help. The doctor can help you better with what you can do for your child. Proper diagnosis will help improve the condition if it is related to any medical problems.

Story first published: Monday, October 20, 2014, 18:55 [IST]
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