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Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy!

We all know the fact that restless leg syndrome can kill sleep quality. And when pregnant women suffer from this disorder, the impact is more as pregnant women need more sleep.

Restless leg syndrome can lead to daytime drowsiness in pregnant women as the quality of sleep gets hampered during the nights.

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What is the sum total effect of this? Well, researchers say that pregnant women may not be able to function well in their day-to-day activities if they suffer restless leg syndrome. Here are some more facts.


How It Kills Sleep?

Restless leg syndrome accompanies an uncontrollable urge to move legs and this occurs mainly at night during sleep. This urge kills sleep as the body can't relax if legs are moving.

Who Are Prone To RLS?

A study claims that nearly 35% of pregnant women experience this problem in the third trimester. Most of them undergo the problem severely multiple times in a single week.

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Daytime Drowsiness

When you compare the day time activity of women without this problem, it would be easy to determine that pregnant women who suffer restless leg syndrome have daytime drowsiness and poor function during the day which is not a good thing during pregnancy.

Cycles Of Pregnancy

Actually, pregnant women have a lot to undergo during various cycles of pregnancy. All the changes in the body are taxing and added to that, if restless leg syndrome accompanies it, it would be tough to manage pregnancy.

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What Causes This?

It could be hormonal changes, hemodynamic factors, folate and iron metabolism and even psychomotor behavior too.

Treatment Can Help!

Treatment for the problem can reduce the severity of the restless leg syndrome and its effects on pregnant women, say researchers.

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