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How Big Is Your Baby? The Size Of Your Baby During Various Stages Of Pregnancy

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From the stage of fertilisation till the time of delivery, the baby in the womb undergoes many changes and grows in size.

How Big Is Your Baby?

It is almost a miracle. A single cell pairs with another cell and multiplies into a bunch of cells and after a few months, a new baby comes into this world.

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Are you curious to know how big your baby is during several stages of pregnancy? Then here is a rough description to just give you a basic idea of the size of your baby.


Week 1-2

During the first stage, the fertilised egg is as small as the poppy seed. It contains around 32 cells.


Week 5

By this time, your baby grows to the size of a pepper corn. This is the time when the blood vessels, heart, spine and brain start developing. The size of your baby at this stage would be around 0.05 inch.

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Week 7

By this time, the baby measures half an inch (roughly the size of a blueberry).


Week 9

Your baby in this stage would be as big as a cherry. By week 9, the embryo can be called as foetus.

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Week 15

By this time, your baby turns as big as an apple which is around 4 inches. The baby can slowly move in the womb.


Week 18

Your baby is around 6 inches by this time. By 19th week, the legs of the baby start growing in size.

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Week 22

The size of your baby at this phase would be around 10 inches. The lungs start developing in this stage.


Week 30

In this stage, your baby experiences sleep and waking states in the womb itself. The size of your baby would be around 15 inches.


Weeks 40-42

By the time you reach the end of the pregnancy, your baby would measure around 20 inches.

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Story first published: Friday, April 21, 2017, 14:52 [IST]
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