Do Oral Contraceptives Damage Foetus?

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A new study reveals that usage of oral contraceptives before getting pregnant cannot be linked with birth defects. Today, many women started using oral contraceptives. Though they work well, sometimes, a woman may get pregnant due to several other factors.

In such a case, women generally wonder whether that would cause any birth defects. This study clarifies the doubt by saying there is no link between birth defects and usage of oral contraceptives.

 Use Of Oral Contraceptive- Woman

In fact, there could be several reasons behind the failure of oral contraceptives. Sometimes, there could be a missed dosage, or interaction with other medication or even other conditions that may neutralise the effects of the contraceptive. In such cases, unexpected pregnancy may occur.

 Use Of Oral Contraceptive- Pregnant

This study claims that pregnancy that occurs due to failure of oral contraceptives or pregnancy that is intentional after recent usage of oral contraceptives can be a normal pregnancy without any birth defects.

 Use Of Oral Contraceptive- Tablets

Researchers conducted a study in order to find whether there is a link between the usage of oral contraceptives and birth defects. As a part of the study, researchers closely observed the conditions of mothers before delivery and the babies with and without birth defects.

 Use Of Oral Contraceptive- Pill

More than 800,000 births were considered into the study and out of them nearly 2% of the babies had birth defects. When they looked at the cases which had major birth defects, researchers understood that there were women who never used oral contraceptives and there were women who used them, in equal proportions. This made them come to a conclusion.

The study concluded that there isn't any link between oral contraceptives and major birth issues.

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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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