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12 Ways To Enjoy The 9 Months Of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time when a woman experiences a whole lot of changes in her body. She has hormonal fluctuations, which kind of makes her go crazy every now and again.

It is during this phase that her man has to be understanding and patient in dealing with her sudden change of behaviour.

Pregnancy can be a happy period if the woman as well as the other members of the family decide on helping her through the 9 months.

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Experts state that women should be happy when they are pregnant, as it helps to elevate all types of pregnancy-related problems like hypertension, stress and negativity in the mind.

The moment a woman allows these three bad things to enter into her life, the baby gets affected in the most horrible way. So, today, why don't you take a look at how you can be happier and content with that baby bump.

Accept and learn to live with the growing changes in your body. Read up on pregnancy and get to bond with the foetus. It is also important for the pregnant woman to make her husband be a part of the things that she is going through.

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Pregnant ladies must allow their husbands to understand their situation and make sure they pamper them through the 9 months. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at how you can enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy:


Keep Up That Shape:

It is necessary to get in shape and be in shape when pregnant. Join a pre-natal class to help in keeping you happier and healthier for the next 9 months.


Eat A Balanced Meal:

Stock up your kitchen with foods that are rich in protein, iron and calcium. Foods that contain these elements will help your foetus to stay healthy and happy. It will also improve on the development bit of the baby.


Intake Of Folic Acid:

Apart from folic acid foods like beans, citrus foods and leafy greens, consumption of folic acid pills on doctor's advice is also important. Folic acid is necessary, as it helps prevent birth defects in the child.


Watch Your Weight:

Maintain a healthy weight when you are pregnant. Being too thin can hinder a lot of problems, and being obese can lead to high blood pressure and other diseases like diabetes. So, watch what you consume, and learn to control your cravings too.


Educate Yourself With Pregnancy:

Educate yourself on pregnancy. Gift yourself a handful of pregnancy books, so that you become aware of what to do in the next 9 months.


Go For Regular Checkups:

When you are pregnant, visiting the doctor regularly is important. These checkups help in knowing your baby's health and growth. It also makes you more aware of what problems the baby is going through, if any.


Get Vaccinated:

There are some sicknesses that can be quite harmful to you and the baby, which is why getting vaccinated with a T-dap vaccine for whooping cough, flu vaccine for influenza, before or during pregnancy, can help prevent uncertain situations.


Get A Gene Test Done

A pre-conception genetic screening is required to see if the baby has developed any family disorders. This test is done with a simple blood test that can determine if you are carrying genes for cystic fibrosis, fragile X syndrome, Tay Sachs disease, or sickle cell disease.


Cut Back On Coffee:

The intake of caffeine is harmful for the baby. If consumed in excess, the baby can be put through a lot of problems. So, watch your consumption and try to prevent it as much as possible.


Quit The Butt:

If you want to protect your baby from sudden infant deaths, premature births, low birth weight and miscarriage, it is time to quit the bad habit.


Say No To Drinking:

Drinking when pregnant can lead to birth defects and learning disabilites in the foetus. So, protect your unborn and ditch the drinking routine.


Reduce Thy Stress:

No matter what, it is necessary and very important to keep stress at bay. Stress can make you lose the foetus growing in your womb, so watch out for this silent killer!

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