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Benefits Of Intercourse While Pregnant

Posted By: Staff
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Pregnancy is the happiest phase in every woman's life. For a man too, it is the beginning of a new chapter and this together can be very exciting for the family.

Women who are pregnant with their first child often wonder if sex is possible. Well, according to experts, it is noted that there are a million benefits of having an intercourse while you're pregnant.

So, if you take a look at the reasons stated below, you will want to jump into bed immediately with the love of your life.

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For some women though, who are battling with raging hormones, morning sickness, and an ever-expanding waistline, sex might be the last thing on their mind when pregnant; however, trust us when we say this that making love with that big belly is quite fascinating and much more pleasurable too.

On the other hand, intercourse during pregnancy is good for both the mother and baby.

The reason being, it can help you sleep better, can regulate and lower your blood pressure level and even make you happier when your mood swings are going hay wire almost every time.

So, dear pregnant ladies, wait no more! Take a look at these amazing benefits of pregnancy sex:


Intense Orgasms:

Pregnancy increases the production of two hormones in the body namely oestrogen and progesterone. So, when the oestrogen hormone is produced in the body, there is more flow of blood into the pelvic area, thus making the woman feel more aroused.


Helps To Keep Weight Under Control:

Intercourse helps you to reduce weight, whether you are pregnant or not. It is the best form of an exercise, and regular lovemaking during pregnancy can help keep off that pregnancy fat.

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Lowers Blood Pressure:

Surprising? Intercourse during pregnancy helps to lower your blood pressure. It is best to regulate the pressure, in order to keep away from all sorts of pregnancy-related complications.


Reduces That Nasty Pain:

Intercourse can heal any pain, and since doctors recommend not to pop in any pills, it is best to go with the nature's best painkiller that is, sex!


You Will Have A Sound Sleep:

It is rightly said that lovemaking helps to make partners sleep better. When pregnant intercourse surges in endorphins, it helps the mother to sleep better.

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It Benefits The Immunity:

Pregnancy usually plays havoc on the immunity of the mother. However, one of the best benefits of having an intercourse while pregnant is that it increases the level of IgA antibodies in the body, which boost the immunity level and save one from seasonal cold and flu.


Your Mood Swings Don't Act Mad:

Orgasms release endorphins that make the mother and baby feel happy and more relaxed. Therefore, relish each moment with your partner and make love often.


Less Bathroom Visits:

Pregnancy comes with a lot of up's and down's, and one of them is frequent visits to the loo. During intercourse, the pelvic muscles become stronger, which are the same muscles you will be strengthening for labour, and thus this in turn helps with the flow of urine and over a period of time decreases the number of visits to the loo.


Improves Blood Circulation:

It is only normal that pregnancy makes the mother feel lazy and sluggish through the trimesters. However, intercourse during pregnancy restores the functioning of the body with the release of certain hormones and also ensures a proper circulation through the body, which thus benefits a better growth of the child.


It Reduces Complications:

The other best benefit of having an intercourse while pregnant is that it helps in preventing one of the worst pregnancy-related complications that is called pre-eclampsia.

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