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7 Tips To Control Anxiety During Pregnancy

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They say that a mother's strength, when it comes to pregnancy and child-rearing, is the greatest.

For those 9 months, a to-be mom goes through a roller-coaster ride of emotions that are quite overwhelming.

The joyful feeling of entering motherhood, the anticipation to hold her newborn, the anxiety of possible health complications, the fear of responsibility and so on.

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A pregnant woman is already in a fragile physical state, so when that is coupled with all the mental stress and anxiety, it may lead to certain negative outcomes.

Anxiety during pregnancy is quite common, as the to-be mother has a lot on her mind, especially if it is her first pregnancy.

It could either be due to the hormonal changes occurring in her system or due to other factors such as the the fear that something may affect the health of herself or her unborn baby.

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However, development of anxiety during pregnancy is not a healthy sign, and it may lead to post-baby depression if not treated at the right time.

In addition, anxiety and stress during pregnancy can also lead to premature births and miscarriages, in extreme cases.

So, here are some tips on how to keep anxiety under control during pregnancy, have a look.


Tip #1

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety during pregnancy, do not keep it to yourself. Make sure you tell your partner or a family member, so that they can help you deal with it by emotionally supporting you.


Tip #2

You can keep a diary or a journal and write your thoughts in it. Research says that penning down your feelings can make you feel lighter and help you understand your cluttered thoughts better.


Tip #3

Maintain a regular exercise routine that is mild and relaxing, after consulting with your doctor. Exercise helps in regulating the hormonal imbalance and also helps in releasing endorphins that can improve your mood.


Tip #4

Practice breathing techniques, yoga and meditation for at least 30 minutes every day. Studies say that abdominal breathing exercises can help relax your muscles and also calm your nerves to a great extent.


Tip #5

Ensure that you get plenty of rest, especially after your 2nd trimester starts, as your belly would be growing in size and your body utilises more energy to keep your baby healthy. Not getting enough rest can also lead to fatigue-induced anxiety.


Tip #6

Involve yourself in a hobby that is safe to be indulged in during pregnancy, for example, drawing, painting, singing, etc. Keeping yourself occupied will help you take your mind off things and reduce anxiety.


Tip #7

Seek professional help when needed. If the symptoms of your anxiety are unbearable, do visit a professional and make sure you take all the steps to help get out of the depression and anxiety.

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