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Pregnancy After Miscarriage: All You Should Know About

Posted By: Staff

It is understandable why for several couples planning for a child after having a miscarriage might seem a little difficult at first.

Whilst a few would want to resume the 'trying' part as a means of undo-ing the loss, others would want to completely recover after a miscarriage, before they finally get their hopes on high clouds again.

things you need to know about pregnancy after miscarriage

So, when exactly is the ideal time for pregnancy after a miscarriage? Many health-care providers encourage couples to wait till the second menstrual cycle before they start trying again. Doing so might help increase the possibility of a healthful pregnancy.

What Causes A Miscarriage In A Woman Frequently

In case the conception occurs and the woman's body isn't ready to house a baby yet, she may face a high risk of experiencing a repeat miscarriage.

Keep in mind that it can take sometime till the womb finally recovers and for the endometrial lining to be healthful and robust again.

Many couples would want to know about their likelihood of getting a repeat miscarriage. They worry about facing the unfortunate loss once more.

things you need to know about pregnancy after miscarriage

However, the great news is that about 85% of the ladies who had one miscarriage in the past might prove to have a successful and healthful pregnancy the next time.

For people who've had 2 or 3 miscarriage cases in the past, the risk of a full-term pregnancy is about 75 per cent.

Have You Tried These Remedies For Your Frequent Miscarriages?

So, how do you know it is about time to keep trying again?

Whenever you should try again, it should be a common decision between you and your partner. Bear in mind that getting pregnant soon doesn't necessarily replace your loss; however, it may help you focus your attention and get your hopes back again.

things you need to know about pregnancy after miscarriage

If you can, avoid early preparation for the baby's arrival. Several couples even request their buddies to skip the baby shower or organise it after the baby has arrived.

If you find yourself depressed, do not hesitate to talk to your health-care provider. You may also find support groups or counsellors who may help you get through your most difficult times.

Some individuals will offer you suggestions on what you should and shouldn't do to ensure a healthful and successful pregnancy. So, it is best to just make sure to consult a doctor before following any advice.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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