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Have You Tried These Remedies For Your Frequent Miscarriages?

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Most doctors say that pregnancy is a matter of chance. But, if you are having frequent miscarriages then there might be some issues with your body that you may have to rectify.

However, the causes of a miscarriage are sometimes so minor that just simple home remedies or just a simple pill or herb can be the treatment.

There are many reasons for a miscarriage, some miscarriages may occur due to hormonal issues and others due to a weak uterus. Plenty of miscarriages may be due to formation of blood clots and Immanuel issues.

In this case, the body takes the baby as a foreign object and kills it in the womb. Whatever the reason be for a miscarriage, it may shatter the pregnant women and raise the level of concern for the next pregnancy.

Therefore, here are some tips and best remedies that will prevent miscarriages in women who have had frequent miscarriages previously.


Take Progesterone Supplements (Pregnancy Hormone)

One of the reason of frequent miscarriages may be low progesterone during pregnancy. It makes a healthy environment in the womb by keeping the uterine lining healthy. Progesterone also prevents the formation of blood clots and other immune-related issues that can lead to a miscarriage.



This food nourishes the endocrine glands, including the thyroid gland. It regulates pregnancy hormones by acting as a pregnancy tonic. It also controls the oestrogen levels in the body. If oestrogen level is not maintained during pregnancy, it causes miscarriage. Maca also helps to increase the progesterone levels, which are essential for carrying a healthy pregnancy.



It prevents miscarriage that occurs due to low progesterone levels, and you must start taking the herb 3 months before you conceive. This herb will help you in completing your pregnancy period successfully.


Take Prenatal Vitamins

You have to take multivitamin supplements 3 months before getting pregnant. This will reduce the chances of your miscarriage, by increasing the quality of the egg. Your prenatal supplements should contain vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, zinc and other minerals as well.


European Cranberry

This is one of the age-old herb, which prevents a miscarriage by reducing spasm or contraction of the uterine muscles and ovaries. It relaxes the uterine muscles and prevents irritation of the uterus. This is important for women to take who have had a history of a miscarriage previously.


Partridge Berry

It will help to strengthen weak uterus, as it acts as the best tonic for your uterus. It is an age-old remedy to prevent miscarriage and is safe to take during pregnancy. It is helpful for those pregnant women who have pain, cramping and bleeding during pregnancy.


Oat Flowers (Avena Sativa)

It relieves stress, and thus increases your fertility and prevents the chances of a miscarriage. It can be used by those women who are under much stress during their pregnancy period. This is one of the best herbs that prevents a miscarriage.


Bed Rest And Reduce Stress

You must also avoid all physical and mental strain during your pregnancy, as this may release stress hormones in your body that can trigger a miscarriage.

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