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How Much Iron Is Needed For A Healthy Pregnancy?

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If you are a pregnant woman, you may find your older relatives fussing over you to make sure that you eat well, rest well, etc. They may tell you that from now on you'll have to eat for two people!

Is that true? Well, it partially is a fact, as you require more amount of nutrients when you are pregnant, than you did before, to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

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While it is advised to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy and avoid over-eating, you should also ensure that you are getting enough food to keep your baby well-nourished, as the nutrients you ingest get directly passed on to your unborn baby.

Many a times, some to-be mothers, who follow an unhealthy diet, are prone to various health complications that may affect both them and their baby.

If the lady is not getting enough nutrients, the chances of miscarriages, low birth weight of the baby, birth defects in the baby, etc, are possible.

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So, it is crucial that a pregnant woman consults a professional first and learns about what vitamins and nutrients she can add to her diet to remain healthy.

Along with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, etc, iron is also one of the main nutrients that can be added to a pregnant woman's diet, to maintain her's and also her baby's health.

Why Is Iron Important During Pregnancy?

Iron is a key component that helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells and haemoglobin. It is important for every individual, regardless of pregnancy.

However, when pregnant, studies claim that, a woman needs double the normal amount of iron.

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Experts say that the amount of blood in a pregnant woman's body increases during pregnancy, in order to support her baby. Therefore, an extra amount of iron is required to keep up the production of healthy red blood cells.

iron rich foods

Also, iron prevents conditions like anaemia, which can weaken a pregnant woman's immune system, thereby making her and her baby more prone to disorders.

In addition, iron is also needed to make the placenta, which protects the baby in the womb, healthier.

Iron deficiency is also known to cause conditions like pre-mature birth, still-birth, low birth weight, etc.

Ideal Amount Of Iron During Pregnancy

Professionals opine that a pregnant woman needs about 27 mg of iron per day to maintain an optimum health.

She can make certain iron-rich foods a part of her daily diet. For example, spinach, paneer, chicken, beef, raisins, kidney beans, soybeans, etc.

A to-be mother can also go in for iron supplements, taken in the form of capsules or tonics, that can be prescribed by a professional.

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