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8 Tips For Easy Child Delivery

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The life of a to-be mother seems like a constant roller-coaster ride of emotions. One minute, she is excited to see her new baby; the next minute, she is ridden with anxiety about her labour process!

Those feelings are quite common with most pregnant women. Although pregnancy is a phase in a woman's life that is very intimate and much cherished, it does come with a lot of fear and anxiety for the mother.

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Like any other medical procedure, child delivery/labour is associated with certain risk factors that induce anxiety in the pregnant women.

A number of complications can occur during child-birth that may harm the health of both the mother and child.

So, it is rather natural for the pregnant woman and even her family to be worried during this time.

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But, being stressed out can only make matters worse. It is important for the mother to keep her cool and follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent unforeseen complications.

There are certain things a to-be mother can do to help herself have a safe and easy child-birth. She can follow these tips to help herself have an effortless labour. Read on!



Sticking to a moderate exercise routine prescribed by a professional, during the term of pregnancy, can help keep your body flexible and can also stimulate the production of hormones that aid in a healthy delivery.



vInstead of thinking too much about the possible complications and getting stressed, it is advisable that a pregnant woman occupies herself with hobbies or other activities that help in diverting her attention.



A to-be mom can practice yoga or meditation to relieve herself from stress and anxiety. This will keep her muscles relaxed. Relaxed muscles are very essential for an effortless delivery.


Healthy Diet

It is important to consume light, healthy foods before labour, as fatty foods and junk foods can cause indigestion, causing a few unwanted complications during childbirth.



A to-be mother can get can regular perineal massages by a professional, starting a couple of months before labour. This helps in easing the muscular tension in that area and stretches the skin, thereby aiding in an easy delivery.


Breathing Techniques

Practice-patterned breathing techniques that are advised for pregnant women should be followed. This helps in easing uterine contractions and cramps that occur just before labour.



It is advised that pregnant women should take warm water baths just a few hours before labour, as this helps ease contractions and makes a pregnant woman's body more ready for childbirth. It can also reduce her stress levels.


Emotional Support

It is crucial for the pregnant woman to have someone to support her emotionally during labour. Her near and dear ones must be with her until the procedure is over. This can help reduce her anxiety and stress to a great extent, thereby aiding in an effortless delivery.

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