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8 Easy Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

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Pregnancy is one of the most cherished moments in a woman's life. The anticipation to have the first look at her new born is a wonderful feeling, that only a pregnant woman would know.

Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life that leads to a series of life-changing experiences that include, child-birth, child-rearing and so on. A to-be mom has to be ready for a lot of lifestyle changes and compromises which allow her to spend quality time with her child.

A new mother has to keep aside a large part of her day to get to know the behaviour patters of her baby, so that they can create an ever-lasting bond. It is crucial for the mother and the child to build a solid foundation for their relationship during the initial stages, so that it does not lead to psychological complications later on.

However, did you know that the bonding between a mother and her child can start right from the time that she gets pregnant? Yes, the mother can make efforts to bond with her child even when the baby is in her womb. Experts say that, this way, it becomes easier for both of them to form a stronger relationship, after the pregnancy.

Here are some simple tips that can be followed to bond better with your unborn baby!


1. Sing

Studies say that during the end of the first trimester, the baby in your belly can hear your heartbeat and even your voice, so you can sing soothing tunes to your baby, that may help him relax and also get used to your voice.


2. Massage

Many research studies opine massaging your tummy with safe, scented oils will relax you, as well as the baby! It is also said that the baby can feel the vibrations while you are massaging your tummy.


3. Talk

You can say positive thing to your unborn baby, as he can hear your voice. Studies say that by talking, the baby will be able to get familiar with your voice over time.


4. Respond To Kicks

When the baby in your tummy kicks and nudges at the walls, it means he is trying to communicate. When you respond to these movements by rubbing your belly or talking to him, he feels that you are out there listening to him.


5. Think Positive

Many experts claim that the thoughts of the mother directly reflect on the emotional development of the baby. So it is important to stay stress-free and think positive during pregnancy, so that you can welcome a happy baby!


6. Give Dad A Turn

It is also important for the father to bond with his unborn baby, So, by asking your partner to talk to the baby or asking him to massage your belly, you are helping them bond!


7. Yoga

Studies have proven that taking yoga lessons while pregnant can help strengthen the bond between a mother and her child. Certain yoga postures and meditation are known to allow induce mental communication between the mother and a child.


8. Make A Baby Album

Take pictures of your pregnancy progress and also the happy events that happen during this phase. Your love towards the unborn child tends to get elevated when you flip through these memories, this feeling is felt by the baby in your belly, thereby strengthening the bond.

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Story first published: Friday, April 29, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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