Why You Feel Uncomfortable During Late Pregnancy And Ways To Prevent It

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To-be mothers are so elated and excited that the discomfort they face during pregnancy becomes less visible for them. However, during the last stages of pregnancy, this discomfort aggravates, as a pregnant woman gains more weight, and added to that she has to also carry the weight of the baby as well.

This results in some discomfort and fatigue such as cramping of legs, difficulty in sleeping, stress, false contractions, frequent urination, etc. There is a reason behind all these issues during pregnancy and the good news is that it can be controlled to get some relief.

However, all these health issues during pregnancy are quite normal and there is no need to worry about it. It must also be noted that some women may feel a great discomfort, whereas others may not get any feeling of fatigue or discomfort. They just feel a little of heaviness during the night.

The experience of pregnancy can be different for different women. Since, during pregnancy, you can't take many medicines, you have to change some eating habits and do some exercise.

In this article, we have mentioned some reasons of fatigue and restlessness during pregnancy and what to do about it. Here are some reasons of discomfort during pregnancy and certain remedies for them.


Restless Legs During Late Pregnancy

Cramping of legs is common during the last trimester of pregnancy, and whenever you sit, you may feel to move and vise versa. This restlessness of the legs causes a very annoying feeling and medically is known as the Restless Leg Syndrome. This can be caused by stress or iron deficiency, but the exact causes are mostly unknown.


How To Prevent Restless Leg Syndrome

Try to relax and divert your attention. Keep yourself busy and take a walk in nature. Unfortunately, you can not do anything more about it. The restlessness and cramping goes away normally after a few weeks of delivery.


Sleeping Problems During Late Pregnancy

During the last trimester of pregnancy, your body gets heavy and you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. There may be swelling in the feet as well. During night, you may not be able to sleep well as you feel heavy.


How To Sleep Well In The Last Trimester

Avoid sleeping on your back, as the baby's weight may compress the blood vessels in your lower back, thus causing a reduced blood flow. The proper position to sleep is on the left side, as it increases the blood flow.


Back Pain

The weight gain, stress, hormonal changes and muscle distention causes back pain during pregnancy. Your back bone has to support the extra weight you gain during pregnancy, this also causes a lower back pain.


Remedy For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Regular exercise can increase the muscle flexibility and also strengthen them. This releases the pressure on your spine. Try to straighten your back while sitting, as this will avoid strain on the spine.


Heart Burn

The acid inside the stomach comes up to the food pipe, causing a burning sensation. This is known as heart burn. This often happens during pregnancy and shoots up in the last trimester. This happens because the placenta produces the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the uterus but along with that it also relaxes the valve separating the food pipe from the stomach, thus making the acid go up into the food pipe.


How To Prevent Heart Burn During Pregnancy

Avoid foods that may shoot up the stomach acids such as coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, processed meats, fried food items, fatty foods, spicy foods and citrus fruits. Avoid eating big meals at once, instead eat smaller portions of food during the day.

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