Is Tea And Coffee Safe During Pregnancy?

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Coffee and tea are great mental stimulators, especially when we feel sleepy or dizzy. Pregnant women also love to have coffee or tea when they feel tired and sleepy. But, is the consumption of coffee or tea safe during pregnancy?

In this article, you will find an answer to this crucial question. Anything what the mother eats or drinks does enter the foetal blood through the placenta. Placental barrier is a weak barrier between the mother and the baby.

It helps to supply food and nutrients to the baby and at the same time prevents some toxic substances to enter the baby's blood. However, it is not very strong a barrier that can prevent all the toxic substances from entering the baby inside the womb.

Now, coming to the consumption of coffee and tea during pregnancy. Yes, it is harmful to take coffee and tea during pregnancy, but only when you take it in excess. Now, the question arises, what is this excess quantity of coffee?

is coffee safe during pregnancy

How Much Coffee To Take
You must not exceed more than 200 mg of caffeine in a day. This means you have to avoid two mugs of an instant coffee or one mug of a brewed coffee. You can have a very light cup of coffee, if you really want to have. Abstaining from coffee during pregnancy is a safe option.

is coffee safe during pregnancy

How Many Millilitres Of Coffee
Avoid fine powdered coffee, filter coffee, expresso, etc, as it contains more caffeine. Have a lighter coffee in a 200-ml sized cup. Using a bigger cup can increase the risk, as the more you drink, the more caffeine you take in.

is coffee safe during pregnancy

Miscarriage And Low Birth Weight In Babies
Having more than 200 mg of coffee regularly increases the risk of a miscarriage. There are also chances of having a baby with a low birth weight. This means that weak and low birth weight babies have more risks of getting health issues when they grow.

is coffee safe during pregnancy

Caffeine In Coffee Affects The Foetus
There are many harmful effects of coffee on the growing foetus, as caffeine passes easily through the placental membrane and enters the baby's blood. Therefore, you must avoid coffee during pregnancy.

is coffee safe during pregnancy

You Can Have A Light Tea
Having tea during pregnancy is considered a safe option as compared to having coffee. Have a light tea with milk and avoid the black one. Also, avoid green tea during pregnancy, as it contains caffeine and many other compounds that can lead to a miscarriage.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 12, 2015, 11:30 [IST]
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