Ways To Relieve Itchy Belly In Pregnancy

By: Sneha A
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For a to-be mom, the 23rd week of pregnancy may bring with it a constant itch in the belly that does not seem to reduce, no matter how much you scratch it. Do not be alarmed by it, as this irritation of the skin on your belly is quite common and occurs due to the skin getting stretched out or expanded.

This expansion caused in the skin of your abdomen tends to deprive it with the necessary moisture, thereby making it dry with an uncomfortable itchy feeling. You may experience this itch in your butt, torso and breasts too.

With this, the changing levels of pregnancy hormone, oestrogen, also plays a major role in spiking up this sensation even in the palms and feet. Hence, we'll be sharing certain ways to relieve itchy belly during pregnancy.

Our skin is capable of stretching to a great extent; yet, in case of pregnancy, the abdomen has to grow at a pace that the body doesn’t easily adjust to.

Although, in most of the cases this irritation in the skin is gone instantly after childbirth, there are a few tips to deal with abdominal itching during pregnancy. Sadly you cannot do anything to stop this itching completely; however, there are certain measures you can opt to reduce the intensity of this condition.

Following are few such tips to understand how to deal with itching during pregnancy:


1. Do Not Scratch:

You will have a very strong temptation to scratch that itch on your belly; however, believe me, it will only get worse and can aggravate the condition further if you do so. Keep your nails small and wear gloves before you go to sleep.


2. Moisturise:

Constantly keeping your skin moisturised is a very effective method to get relief from that irritation, as it mostly occurs due to the lack of moisture. Use a good quality moisturiser, specially the one with vitamin E, and apply it all over the affected area. Try and avoid the ones with strong perfumes, as they may upset the condition more.


3. Colloidal Oatmeal Bath:

This is not the oatmeal that we normally eat; however, this too is easily available in drug or grocery stores. Empty a small pouch in lukewarm water and go for a 15-minute soak. It will help balancing the pH of your skin and relax that itch.


4. Say No To Hot Water Bath:

Hot water bath can strip your skin off with its natural oils and make it much drier. Drier the skin, stronger the itch.


5. Baking Soda And Water:

The paste of baking soda and water, when applied on the affected area of the belly, can also help in restoring the pH level of the skin and this can help in relieving that scratch on your abdomen to a great extent.


6. Wear Comfortable And Dry Clothes:

Make sure to wear dry, clean and loose fitting clothes every day. As the clothes rub constantly on your skin, they aggravate the condition more. Tight clothes absorb sweat and lead to an increased irritation of the skin.


7. Use A Humidifier:

A room humidifier can help the skin from losing much moisture, just make sure to use it with care, as too much of it may lead to allergies.


8. Drink A Lot Of Water:

This will keep your body hydrated and in turn keep the skin healthy.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 6, 2015, 15:00 [IST]
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