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Best Citrus Fruits For Pregnant Women


Consuming Citrus fruits during pregnancy helps in increase of Vitamin C which is essential for the growing foetus.

Citrus fruits are especially refreshing in the summer months. It add colour and flavour to salads and desserts. Citrus fruits are also acidic in nature, so make sure you eat it with proper breaks.


There are a lot of women who crave citrus fruits at the time of pregnancy. Boldsky has complied for you a list of citrus fruits that will help to detoxify your body at the time of pregnancy. It is also perfect to treat nausea, a common problem for pregnant women.

These citrus fruits should be one of the building blocks of your diet during pregnancy. Take a look at some of the best citrus fruits that should be eaten during pregnancy.



The reason why oranges are a must at the time of pregnancy is because it contains Vitamin C, which helps in improving the immunity of foetus and pregnant woman.



If you consume lemons at the time of pregnancy, this citrus fruit will cure any ailments. Lemons help to keep away influenza, a common problem during pregnancy.



Folic Acid Compounds in citrus fruits are beneficial during pregnancy. Folic acid is a compound that is easily absorbed by the baby in the womb. Lime contains a lot of folic acid. Hence, it is a must for pregnant women.



You must eat grapefruit at the time of pregnancy. This citrus fruit too contains folic acid which is needed for the foetus' development.



This citrus fruit has a lot of folic acid compounds which is healthy for women who are in their third trimester of their pregnancy as it helps in the development of the child's skin.



Mandarin contains bioflavanoid, a compound found in citrus fruits. This compound strengthens the connective tissue and keeps the potent blood vessel walls strong at the time of pregnancy.



The skin of the Kumquats fruit is the most healthy and if a pregnant woman consumes this fruit during pregnancy, she is eating tons of Vitamin C which is good for the growing foetus.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 15:11 [IST]
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