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7 Signs That You Are In Labour

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Labour pain is the most intense pain that a human being ever goes through. So it might sound a little stupid to say that you need to know the signs of labour to identify it. Actually, labour pain is not a continuous process. It starts with a minor backache and slowly moves to become unbearable pain when the baby is about to born.

So early signs of labour may not be as evident as you would imagine; especially if it is your first pregnancy. A vaginal birth is not a complicated affair, but you need proper medical attention nonetheless. So it is important that you identify the signs of labour early so that you can reach the hospital on time.

Labour Pain

Here are some of the signs of labour that you should look out for.

1. Backache: This is the most common symptom of backache. Most of the women say that their labour actually began as a back pain. But you must distinguish it from the normal backache that you have during pregnancy.

2. Practice Contractions: The walls of your uterus hardens in preparation for a vaginal birth. These contractions are painless and most women fail to notice it. But if you are watchful, you will start feeling the intensity of these contractions increase about a week before the D-Day. So don't give your family a false alarm!

3. Mucus Plug: There is an increase in the mucus discharge from your vagina just before you are about to deliver. This is because the mucus plug slowly dissolves so that your water can burst when the time comes.

4. Blood Discharge: You may notice some blood in your vaginal discharge before the delivery. If this happens, go to a doctor immediately.

5. Urge To Pee or Shit: Frequent urination is a symptom you experience throughout the third trimester of pregnancy. But this urge to go to the toilet will be different. You will feel the urge even if you have just emptied your bladder. This is because the baby starts pushing downwards.

6. Baby Movements: By the time you reach your third trimester you will be used to your baby's movements. But just before labour pain starts, the movements will slow down. Because the baby usually takes the position for birth a week before delivery.

7. The Water Burst: It is hard to miss it when your water bursts. You will feel the contractions with all the force and have a lot of discharge from your vagina.

These are some of the early signs of labour that will help you be prepared for a vaginal birth. Did you feel any other symptoms before you gave birth?

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Story first published: Friday, November 30, 2012, 15:02 [IST]
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