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Seventh Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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Seventh Month: Week By Week
The seventh month of your pregnancy is critical. You are now entering the last phase of your pregnancy, the third trimester. This is when you actually look pregnant as you have already put on about 15 to 20 pounds. Your baby will be almost fully developed at this prenatal stage and you can also have a premature birth after this. So a week by week pregnancy analysis will help you cope better with the pressure of giving birth that is building on you.

Here is a break up of your seventh month of pregnancy so that you know exactly what to put in your 'To Do' list for the week.

Seventh Month Pregnancy: Week 26

  • Your baby has now taken the shape of an almost newborn baby. The body is totally proportional and though your baby continues to grow throughout the coming 8 weeks, you are ready to give birth!
  • The chances of a premature delivery increases at this prenatal stage. Especially if you have special conditions like low lying placenta.
  • If your baby is born at this stage, it's chances of survival are still high although some disabilities in premature babies are not uncommon.

Week 27:

  • You already knew that your baby was sucking it's thumb in the last month but now your baby is consistently sucking it's thumb to relax. It is good for it's jaw muscles too.
  • Your baby is becoming more receptive and responsive to its surroundings by the day. It can now differentiate between sunlight and artificial light.
  • The baby can also react to the sounds around it and feel pain. That is probably the reason that in the seventh month of pregnancy your baby learns to cry as the most basic emotional expression.

Week 28:

  • Your baby who was until now in a stupor has woken up so it has to sleep too. Your baby goes through periods of sleep and waking now.
  • The brain diagram of the baby shows REM or rapid eye movement as the eyelids are wide open.
  • Your problem of frequent urination will get worse as your pregnancy advances week by week and the baby fights for space by pushing your bladder.
  • You may also experience rib aches as the baby pushes upwards in the womb.

Week 30:

  • Your blood pressure might rise around this time as your pregnancy advances week by week. This has to be immediately reported to the doctor as it may lead to complications.
  • You are now technically eating for two so eat little bites but throughout the day because this is the time when the fat deposition on your baby's body starts. Don't you want a plump baby?
  • The amniotic fluid around your baby will be drying up or excreted from your body because there isn't enough room. So the protective bag is getting thinner and you need to be more careful with your movements.

Rest a lot and take ample nutritious food in the seventh moth of your pregnancy.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2012, 14:34 [IST]
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