Seven Months Of Pregnancy - Symptoms

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Pregnancy Symptoms
Seven months pregnant and the mom to be is already able to feel the movements and reaction of her fully developed baby. The baby weighs nearly 4 pounds and if born prematurely, it may survive with proper care. The mother might be feel a stretch in the pubic bone, her uterus is about 10-11 inch

She may also have to undergo tests for gestational diabetes as it generally affects during this time. 32 weeks pregnant, she must avoid high sugar carbonated drinks as they cause imbalance in glucose amounts in the body. Apart from these, there are many more seven months pregnancy symptoms.

Third Trimester Symptoms
1. Braxton-Hicks Contractions – As they are getting close to the due date, these contraction occur in the abdomen and groin area. They come and go. The intensity and regularity is never the same. It is important to seek an advice from the obstetrician as it may also be a sign of preterm labor.

2. Breathlessness – The cause of this may be the increase in size of the uterus. The growing uterus adds pressure to the lungs that results in breathing difficulty. Deep breathing exercises and resting the bump on pillow can reasonably ease.

3. Back Pain -This is quite common in the third trimester as the abdominal region will be bearing a lot of weight that will continuously stress back bone and cause pain. Prenatal massages, pillows to support the back can gradually bring relief.

4. Heart Burns – The growing uterus places pressure on stomach and may cause sever burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus. For these types, the antiacids wouldn't work as the cause is not indigestion. Seek help from the doctor for third trimester medication.

5. Hemorrhoids – The growing baby may add additional weight on veins on the rectal area that can lead to Hemorrhoids. If constipation and straining are taken care during bowel movements then there are less possibilities of swelling and inflammation.

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