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Pregnancy Second Month: Week By Week

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Second Month
The second month of pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges because by now you are more or less sure that your soon to mom. By the time you are 6 weeks pregnant you should be looking for a good gynecologist who you can trust by the time and you need to do some research for it. Your doctor will take you through the next 8 months so be very sure of your choice. A week by week pregnancy breakup in the second month can help you keep track of how your baby is developing and the corresponding changes that you are feeling with it.

Here is a what you should be looking forward to in the second month of pregnancy.

Second Month Of Pregnancy: Week 5

  • As you week by week pregnancy analysis of the first month told you your baby is just a cluster of cells. Now the differentiation in the cells of the baby starts.
  • The feotus will develop neural cells for the brain and the spinal cord. The other cells will form the head and the tiny fish like body.
  • You may still not be sure about your pregnancy but your symptoms will start showing. Morning sickness is rampant in the first trimester of pregnancy in most women.
  • See a good gynecologist at the earliest and it is also time for your first ultra sound scan as the final confirmation of your pregnancy.

Week 6:

  • Now that you are six weeks pregnant some changes in your body are unavoidable. The hormones are doing a good job of making your body ready for pregnancy in the second month.
  • There will a distinct increase in your breast size. Not like you will not fit into your clothes but your lingerie will start feeling tighter.
  • The most important development in the this week by week analysis of pregnancy is that the heart of your baby segregates into left and right chambers.

Week 7:

  • You baby may not have proper limbs till now but it has already started developing tiny miniscule fingers. What wonders nature holds for you.
  • As far the mommy is concerned, she may gain or lose weight. Your morning sickness will be worse than ever so keeping food down will be a problem. Weight loss is natural so do not be disturbed.
  • You have to make sure that no matter how pukish you feel, your stomach should never be empty.

Week 8:

  • Your baby is now a tadpole; though it tail is getting smaller by the minute, it grows hands and legs with renewed vigour.
  • You will start looking pregnant by the end of the 8th week of your prenatal period to experienced eyes of course.
  • The uterus expands in preparation of the baby's growth and that can give you cramps that will last the full term of your pregnancy.

This is what you can expect in each week of your second month of pregnancy.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 14:48 [IST]
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