Why Do Pregnant Women Faint?

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Every time a married woman of appropriate age faints, people think she is pregnant. Thanks to numerous Bollywood movies, fainting and pregnancy have developed a very stereotypical relationship. But, there are many pregnant women who go through their entire term of nine months without any dizziness or hint of nausea. So is there actually any scientific reason for feeling faint during pregnancy or is it a totally an over hyped myth?

Let us take a look at the medical reasons for dizziness during pregnancy to see if there is any truth in this symptom.

Pregnancy Fainting

Is Fainting A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Cardiovascular Turmoil: If you feel the pulse of a pregnant woman, you will get a hint of the cardiovascular turmoil that is going on inside her. In ancient times, there were no pregnancy tests; a very high pulse beat coupled with a missed period was conclusive of pregnancy. So when your heart is pumping blood faster and the amount of blood in your body increases, your blood pressure is bound to rise initially. This can cause a bout of dizziness during pregnancy.

Fall In Blood Sugar: A sudden drop in blood sugar is one of the most obvious reasons for fainting. A drop in blood sugar is pretty common in the first trimester of pregnancy and the dizziness is a result of it. That is the reason why pregnant women are advised to eat at short intervals (every 2 hours). This ensures that their blood sugar levels are maintained consistently.

Mid Pregnancy Fainting: Not just women in their first trimester who feel faint. It is very common to experience a phase of feeling faint when your pregnancy is at the halfway mark. During your pregnancy, the blood vessels dilate to accommodate the excess blood. This leads to a steady decline in blood pressure up to the mid term of your pregnancy; then it rises slowly towards normalcy. Low blood pressure can sometimes cut off the blood supply to brain and that is one of the main causes of fainting.

Hormonal Imbalance: When a woman gets pregnant, her hormonal balance goes for a toss. The levels of some hormones spike to a peak and others drop abnormally. This can also cause a momentary disorientation preceded by shortness of breath.

These are the medical reasons that associate feeling faint with pregnancy. Did you ever faint during your pregnancy?

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