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Eight Months Pregnancy & Symptoms

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Eight Month Pregnancy
As a mother you will be excited to feel your baby. He/she is fully developed and is getting ready to be born. The eyes open and close, nails would have grown and there is also a possibility of the hair on scalp.

The eight months pregnant mother has a big tummy (bump) and feels like resting most of the time. But she will have to do stretches, sit ups and crunches to maintain her flexible pelvic bone.

This is the time to know about her postnatal care and baby care so she will need to buy books or have a look at the online pregnancy site like ours to know the best ways to breastfeed, get rid of stretch marks, exercises to slim etc. Another advantage of reading books is that it keep the mind occupied and will prevent the 35 weeks pregnant feel the eight months pregnancy symptoms.

During this mother, it is common for mom to feel as if she will deliver the next minute. She feels uncomfortable and will have mood swings. Severe heart burns and indigestion, difficulty in breathing, troubled sleep, baby's kicks etc

To get relieved from these problems to change your sleeping position, place a pillow below knees or at the sides, normally baby's favour sides so whenever you feel the kick switch sides.

If your baby is born prematurely, then is a good possibility of its survival so be prepared by eating right, sleep on time and stay calm until the due date.

New Eight Months Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Frequent urination, pain in the abdomen (due to pressure in the uterus)
2. Indigestion & Constipation
3. Nose & Gum Bleeding
4. Pain in the back and legs
5. Painful sensations in hypochondrium

Lucky are those who do not suffer from any of these problems in the third trimester.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 15:46 [IST]
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