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Does Drinking Vegetable Juice While Breastfeeding Impact Your Kid's Food Choices?

Generally, kids love to eat chocolates and tend to hate healthy foods like vegetables. In fact, if you try to serve them carrot juice, they may not even touch it.

In fact, this becomes a concern for many moms who would want their kids to eat healthy. But a new study claims that mothers who have the habit of drinking vegetable juices during the breastfeeding stage may not face this problem.

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This study claims that the baby tends to becomes a healthy eater if the mother had the habit of drinking vegetable juices during the breastfeeding stage. Here are some more facts.


How Vegetable Juice While Breastfeeding Helps

Eating fresh vegetables can influence the flavour of the breast milk. This will habituate the baby to the taste of vegetables and once the baby starts eating solid foods, he or she will perceive vegetables as healthy foods.

How Researchers Came To This Conclusion?

A study was conducted in nearly 100 women who were in breastfeeding stage. Researchers divided them into groups. One group was allowed to drink vegetable juice and the other group did not. The juices that were allowed were carrot juice, beetroot juice and celery juice.

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How Babies Displayed Interest?

After 8 months, when the babies came to a stage where they can eat solid foods, they were offered several foods. The babies whose mothers consumed vegetable juices preferred cereals which had carrot flavour whereas other babies chose plain cereals.

What Impacts The Preference Of Babies?

Well, the breast feeding stage helps in conditioning the baby's preferences. When the breast milk has vegetable flavour to it, babies develop a taste for vegetables.

How Babies Experience Food?

A baby first tastes food through the mother's food preferences. How? During pregnancy, whatever a mother eats, reaches the baby. And during breastfeeding stage, whatever a mother eats, influences the flavour of the breast milk.

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What Does This Study Say?

The study claims that the flavour of the breast milk can influence the eating choices of a baby. Every food that a mother eats can add its flavour to the breast milk for a span of 8 hours. This way, the flavour could impact the food habits of the baby later on.

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