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Common Love-Making Problems Women Face After Giving Birth!

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Are you a new mother who has recently given birth to a baby? Are you having problems related to sexual intercourse with your partner, after delivery?

If yes, know that it is quite common for women to face intimacy issues after giving birth to a baby, as their body would have gone through a lot of changes and it would still be in a healing process.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most important phases in a woman's life, wherein she sees a number of drastic changes both psychically and psychologically.

So, naturally, the routine she had before becoming a mother will be disturbed to some extent, and certain normal activities that were a part of her life before the baby can get hampered to some extent.

Sexual intercourse is one such activity which may be affected after childbirth that many women experience.

So, certain steps must be taken and an effort must be made to re-kindle the sex life after delivery, or, in some cases, the relationship maybe affected.

So, here are a few common sexual problems that are faced by women after giving birth, have a look.


1. Not Being Ready

Sexual problems after delivery include the woman not being ready for intercourse yet, as her body has gone through a lot of changes and she may still be exhausted mentally.


2. Pain

Many a times, women face intimacy issues after having a baby, as they may still be in pain after the delivery, and it can be worse if they have had a C-section!


3. Tender Breasts

Sexual problems after delivery include tender breasts coming in the way, as new mothers tend to have sensitive, "leaky" breasts, as they are breastfeeding their young one, so they might find foreplay to be a very painful act!


4. Lack Of Vaginal Tightness

Women face intimacy problems after childbirth, as childbirth can expand the walls of their vagina, temporarily, minimising sexual pleasure for both them and their partner.


5. Being Self-Conscious

Due to weight gain, stretch marks, sagging skin, surgery scar, etc., women may feel self-conscious to indulge in sexual intercourse with their partners after childbirth.


6. Lack Of Time

Sexual problems after delivery also include lack of time to have an intercourse, as the newborn may take up a lot of the new mother's time and attention.


7. Exhaustion

Many new mothers wonder if they can even have sex after delivery, as they may end up feeling so exhausted with all the responsibilities and chores that are involved in taking care of the new baby.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 13:12 [IST]
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