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Expert Tips To Deal With Post Natal Depression!

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If you have given birth to a child recently and you have not been feeling very well, mentally, then chances are that you could be suffering from post natal depression, also known as postpartum blues.

Post natal depression is a condition in which a new mother develops depression, that could affect both her and her new baby negatively.

Having a baby and becoming a new parent can be extremely stressful and comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Many a times, new mothers are not able digest the new responsibilities and the stress of caring for an infant and so they may fall prey to postpartum depression.

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In other cases however, certain hormonal imbalances in the new mothers, triggered during the pregnancy can also cause post natal depression.

Some of the main symptoms of post natal depression include anger, anxiety, loss of appetite, constant crying, lack of interest in social activities, tendency to neglect the child, suicidal tendencies, etc.

Post natal depression is an extremely serious condition and must be treat at the right time.

Have a look at some of the expert tips that help you deal with post natal depression, here.


Tip #1

Try to bond with your baby as much as possible. Aliening yourself from the baby can further worsen your condition and the separation may also cause trauma to the baby, later on.


Tip #2

Ensure that you follow a healthy diet, that includes food like nuts and bananas, which can increase the dopamine levels in your brain, treating depression effectively.


Tip #3

Try to get some exercise at least for a few minutes in a day, as exercising can help you battle depression and also help you get rid of some post-baby weight.


Tip #4

Practice yoga or meditation on a regular basis, as they can help treat post natal depression to a great extent. Take the help of a professionals to learn, if needed.


Tip #5

Do not isolate yourself, try to mingle with your family and friends as much as possible, as being by yourself can worsen depression.


Tip #6

Spend some quality time with yourself doing the things you like, be it watching a movie, going out to eat, etc. You can leave your baby with your family or a friend for a while to get some "alone time".


Tip #7

It very important to seek professional advice and take some counseling or medications to help deal with post natal depression.

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