Signs Of Delivery Pain

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Being a mother is the ultimate experience which makes a girl a perfect woman. After 10 anticipating months you will get your little angel in your lap. What a blissful experience that will be! But bearing a child in your womb for this long period is not an easy task. Your body changes every day and you face new challenges. Giving birth of a child means you successfully overcome those challenges and step into the new world of motherhood.

When you are pregnant you get tensed with lots of queries. If you have gone through the experience you know certain things. But, if this is your first time, questions start to pop up in your mind.

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Expectant mothers often worried about signs of delivery pain. When will it start? How painful will it be? How long you have to bear it? And most commonly what are the signs of delivery pain? As every delivery is different from others, it is not quite possible to answer all questions. But, there are some signs of delivery pain which can tell you that your baby is on the way.

What are the signs of delivery pain? If you have elders like mother or grandmother in your family, they will take care of you and tell every detail you need to know while you are carrying. Still, for new moms, here are some signs of delivery pain. Experienced mothers can also have a look to know better-

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Delivery Pain Signs One Should Know

You Have Strong Contractions
Often would be mothers don’t pay heed on this sign. But if you have regular and stronger contractions during the last weeks of your pregnancy, that means this time to enter the labour room. If your delivery time is near, the pain won’t stop by drinking or eating anything.

Delivery Pain Signs One Should Know

Your Water Breaks
Though many movies have shown you that it happens suddenly and you need to rush to labour room; the reality is not like that. Very often women don’t get it primarily as the amniotic fluid doesn’t sprat out. If you’re having regular contractions, the fluid will leak out.

Delivery Pain Signs One Should Know

Your Cervix Dilates
What are the signs of delivery pain? Actually, at last weeks of delivery, whole body prepares for it. When you go for weekly check up, the provider can measure any dilation and effacement through internal check up. But don’t stress out if you don’t dilate or the process is slow.

Delivery Pain Signs One Should Know

You Get Diarrhea

This is one of the most common signs of delivery pain. This happens because your body starts to release prostaglandins. These are kind of hormones which cause the contraction of uterus and helps in dilating cervix. Due to such hormones, your bowels get hyper stimulated. Thus, you can get diarrhea.

Serious Back Pain
The more your delivery time will come nearer, the more you will feel immense pain at your groin and lower back portion. This happens as the muscles and joints start to stretch and shift and prepare for delivery.

So these are the most important signs of delivery pain. You can also check out your body weight. If it is dropping suddenly, get ready to deliver. Don’t worry about your child’s weight as he/she doesn’t stop gaining. As your amniotic fluid breaks you start to lose pounds. Also you can feel your joints looser. It is the deed of hormone, relaxin, which makes all your ligaments soften and opens up your pelvis so that your baby makes its own way to see the world.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 10, 2015, 20:00 [IST]
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