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How To Communicate With Newborn?

By Deepa Ranganathan

Being a parent is probably the best thing that could ever happen to you. But, with this new member coming in your family the responsibility increases. You need to make the baby ready to face the world but, for that you will need to take baby steps. While the baby is growing up, it’s ready to learn new things and adapt to new conditions. You will find that your baby is more responsive and eager in the early growing up years.

Does your baby gurgle looking at you or begin clapping with happiness when you come to pick it up? Well, those are signs of responsiveness that the baby showcases. This is a result of proper and effective communication with your baby.


You should know that your baby listens to every sound you make and adapts to it slowly. So, its suggested you keep constant communication with your child, teach it new things and keep him/her entertained. This way they start learning more about human tones. Early speech and language skills are essential for development in writing, reading and other related skills in your baby. Here’s how you communicate with your new born.

A Smiling and Attentive Face

Babies tend to understand your emotions even before they can understand what you are saying. They understand the gist of the matter and react to it. So, when your baby attempts to communicate with you, encourage the attempt. Make sure you smile whenever your baby gurgles looking at you. When your baby babbles or laughs, look at it and not the other way round to encourage its communication attempts! Try to patiently decode what your baby is trying to communicate using non verbal form of communication. Pay special attention to your baby, even if it means taking some time off from your daily chores. With your attention and smile, the baby begins responding and communication begins.

Imitation Works

You need to teach your baby conversations that occur in real world. This happens best when you imitate your baby and talk to it in the baby language. He/she would understand the importance of back and forth conversation and would respond even better. You will need to imitate your baby’s non verbal language as well for better communication. You can explain better when you actually stage the conversation. WHAT DOES MY BABY NEED?

Talk Often with your Baby

Did you know that babies love to hear you talk? They just love the sound of your voice. Keep talking to them about all the activities you do. You can even introduce them to words that you want them to pick up like mama, dada, bottle etc. You can even read them some story or sing a song for them. They thrive on your voice and hearing you converse their communication begins.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 9:09 [IST]