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7 Things That A Newborn Baby Needs

Your newborn baby needs a lot of things along with your love and care. For most parents, the first few days of parenthood goes in a daze. They are excited and happy; literally at the age of their nerves. Before you even realise, your baby is already a week old. Now you don't want to miss even a single moment of your baby's life. So don't waste the first week in flurried activities.

Lots of warmth: A newborn baby faces a sudden drop of temperature after birth. The baby used feeling warm and cozy in your womb. There is a temperature drop of at least 5 degrees. So the baby needs to be wrapped up in rolls of cloth to feel comfortable with the temperature of this new alien world.

Your Soothing Touch: Feeding you baby is baby is not the only time you will hold him or her. A newborn baby needs to be held for a minimum of ten hours in a day. You must understand that the baby is bewildered by this strange world around it and you need to hold your baby so that he/she feels comfortable.

Mom's Heartbeat: Some scientists believe that a baby recognises the sound of the mother's heartbeat and her voice. This is because the baby hears the mother's voice continually and gets accustomed to her heart beat in the womb. Holding your baby close to your heart and rocking it is the most soothing gestures in the world.

Colostrum: For the first couple of days after birth, the mother's breasts secretes a yellowish liquid called colostrum. Feeding the baby this liquid increases the immunity of the newborn.

Feed every two hours: A newborn baby cannot eat four square meals a day like us. Babies have a tiny stomach but very high rate of metabolism. So you need to feed the baby in little amounts frequently. Most normal babies should be breastfed every two hours.

Oil Cloth: You baby will not be able to wear diapers just after it is born. And toilet training is a really far fetched thought at the moment. SO will teh little one relieve himself? Always lay the baby on an oil cloth so that it doesn't soak the mattress when he or she pees.

Socks, caps and bibs: Your little bundle of joy will need clothes within the first two three days after birth. Socks and hooded cloth caps are a must because an infant catches cold very easily. You have to make sure that your baby's feet and ears don't get cold.

These are some of the basic things that a newborn baby needs. What else comes to your mind when you think about newborns?

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Story first published: Friday, August 31, 2012, 18:11 [IST]
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