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Indian Foods For Postnatal Mothers


Indian postnatal foods have proved to be very beneficial for new moms. We did not become one of the most populous countries in the world without providing good post-partum foods to mothers who have just delivered babies. In ancient India, women delivered 10 or more babies during their lifetime. And yet, they lived long enough to become great-grandmothers.

So basically, the Indian postnatal foods are potent for new mothers. Mostly, post-partum foods must be rich in iron because the new mother loses lots of blood during childbirth. The iron rich foods also provide calcium to the lactating mothers. Ghee or clarified butter is a special Indian postnatal food that is given in large quantities to the new mother. Indians believe that ghee is a healing food that dries up wounds quickly.

Indian postnatal foods also include fresh milk and other dairy products. Iron rich post-partum foods like guava and fenugreek leaves are also included in a new mom's diet. Some specific Indian postnatal foods are vegetables like drum sticks and gourds.

Here are some of the most nutritious postnatal foods that are part of the Indian diet.



Ghee is given to the new mother to heal her wounds and also give her instant energy. As the mother feels fatigued in the postnatal period, ghee gives her strength and energy to cope with it.


Methi Or Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek leaves have lots of iron and Vitamin K that helps the new mother regain her health. The body loses a lot of nutrients during childbirth and methi helps build the nutrient reserves again.



While the West prescribes apples as postnatal foods, Indians prefer guava. This fruit is just as iron rich as the apple and is easily available in the subcontinent.



Milk and dairy products are very important for a lactating mother because they give her much needed proteins and calcium. Both these nutrients are lost from the mother's body while breastfeeding.



Gourds have a number of health benefits that are unknown to the West. Vegetables from the gourd family like bitter gourd and bottle gourd helps to correct the hormonal imbalances in the body of a new mother.


Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are rich in good cholesterol, energy and Vitamin E. Indian women are given generous amounts of cashew, raisins, walnuts and almonds (usually grounded and mixed with milk) to help her regain strength.



Drumsticks are green vegetables that are eaten mainly in India. This vegetable is an immunity boosting food that helps the mother fight off infections.



Eggs provide the perfect combination of fats, proteins and calcium that a woman needs after childbirth. It helps to keep the mother strong and also helps correct hormonal imbalances in the body.



Spinach is universally accepted as a superfood that given you iron, calcium, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. In the Indian context, spinach is given to mother in the form of gravies like palak paneer.



Beetroot is one of the best vegetables to have in the postnatal period. It gives the convalescent mother rich nutrients like iron and beta-carotenes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 1:02 [IST]