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Tips On Day To Day Postnatal Care

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Postnatal Care
If the postnatal phase is the most important phase for the mother and the newborn, then there are many important methods that need to be known for their health. Many internet sites cover on the most serious ailments that is suffered by the new mothers without much mention on the common day to day postnatal care. Here, we have suggested a few tips about the routine postnatal care of the mother and the baby. Take a look.

Day To Day Postnatal Care Methods For Mom And Child -

1. Routine Postnatal Diet – The day to day postnatal diet should have energy rich supplements such as eggs, fish, meat, dry fruits, nuts and dairy products. Since breastfeeding is the meal of the newborn, mothers would need at least 5 meal portions daily.

2. Routine Rest – After all the pain suffered by the mother in delivering a baby, it is time to rest and relax. Good sleep inducers like hot milk, poppy seeds and soothing music will induce good sleep and help mothers relax.

3. Exercise – Exercise is also a part of the postnatal care (method). It is important for mothers to regain their original shape after baby delivery, so simple body stretches, swimming and walking can gradually help regain the slim figure.

4. Breastfeeding - Remember that your baby gets whatever you eat, so eat healthy, drink good amount of water. Prefer fresh juice and salads instead of artificial drinks and beverages. Avoid junk and untimely eating.

5. Accepting The Big Change – There will be a lot of physical and mental changes, all that the mother needs to do is accept the change. The body changes, mind gets more matured and the child receives all the attraction and care. As a mother, she needs to understand that the phase is common for every mother. The baby blues is common and the mother needs to relax and compromise with the fact.

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Story first published: Friday, September 2, 2011, 16:23 [IST]
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